We offer a range of inventory management services that we can tailor to your business needs and budget

We see first hand how well managed inventory procedures, regular stocktaking and product gross profit management each play their own role to deliver bottom line benefits. We understand and appreciate that in your business, your time and resources are best spent doing what you do best. Our role is to add further value to that!

Our Services include:

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Independent Beverage/Liquor/Food Stocktakes and Audits

We provide independent full or partial stocktakes to your desired frequency – whether it be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually. These are done using PDE scanners for fast and efficient stocktakes.

Our team will count your stock, investigate variances, complete recounts and liaise with your team to troubleshoot variances and ensure the correct procedures are being followed.

Stocktakes help identify process problems, set up issues, invoice or transfer errors and potential theft. We commonly see issues and trends which, when corrected, can save $100,000’s each year.

We can also assess and tidy up your database while onsite.

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Stock Valuation on Sale/Purchase Changeovers

We help hospitality venues through the changeover of sale by providing and independent stock valuation.

If you’re selling or purchasing a venue, we complete an accurate count of all stock (including kitchen items if required), check dates to ensure no items are out of date and work with the other party regarding the final dollar figure for stock items in time to settle the sale/purchase.

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Benchmarking, Monthly Reporting & Analytics

Benchmarking helps drive questions, which in turn helps drive improvement. Measuring variances during stocktakes is a great start, which drives questions from there. Are your true stock losses less than 0.1% of sales, more than 0.25% or as high as >2%? How does this compare with your peers and industry norms?

From directors, owner/managers to venue managers, we can compile reports with your key numbers and provide benchmark comparisons to industry norms.

We can customise reporting to suit all levels of the management in the organisation.

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POS Database Maintenance

POS database maintenance is often one of those jobs staff avoid because it’s tedious and time consuming? We can do this as a service.

The POS set up is important for profit management and as much as we would like to think that everything is set up correctly, there is always an opportunity for improvement.  We make sure all items are decrementing correctly, that recipes are right and that items draw stock from the right places.

We work with all major POS systems, such as SwiftPos, BePoz, StarrTec and iControl.

If you looking to change POS systems, we can transfer your current data to a new platform for you. During this process, we remove unwanted or old lines, review recipes, check barcodes are correct and ensure everything is running smoothly for you.

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Supplier Invoice Entry & Reconciliation

We can process your weekly invoices for you, assess category management, pricing and gross profit margins.  Our team is quick an efficient at processing invoices, working with the venue to ensure nothing is missed.

Many clients that have Logic to their stocktaking, also get us to provides this service – it helps troubleshooting of variances to have also been involved in the invoicing.

Product set up issues are typically discovered during the invoicing stage which helps prevent issues down the track with stocktake variances and discrepancies.

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Asset Register Updates

Whether it is for insurance purposes, updates to depreciation schedules, redundancy planning or preparation for a future sale, it is important to have an up-to-date asset register for your venue. This may be a one off or annual event.

Compiling an asset register can be tedious and time consuming and often put to the bottom of the to-do list. It’s a job that is few staff like to do. We can assist by providing this service in a short time frame and focussed way.

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Gross Profit Assessment & Improvement

Looking for ways to improve profit or work more effectively?

We have helped leading hospitality businesses with profit improvement strategies which align with corporate goals.  We can also assist with process improvements that increase efficiency.


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